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Bangladesh model Nadira Chaity and Enamul Kabir Nirjhar night video

There in the video. It is very clear that the girl is Chaity. But the question is who the male counterpart is. Some people are predicting that the male counterpart is renowned producer Enamul Karim Nirjhor. Some reliable sources said to Bangladesh Pratidin that, Chaity was fully prepared about the video. It was known that she Chaity confessed the matter to her nearer people. But she did not say anything about her male counterpart. This naked video is now spread out through mobile phones. Chaity is now living very comfortably in spite of the spread of her scandal video. Chaity is the anchor of cricket based program “Time to cricket” in Boishakhi television. She is continuing the program as usually. But some rumors were running in Boishakhi TV about her scandal video. Some people are thinking that Chaity has done it intentionally to reach to a high position in media. Some people related with the program ‘ Time to cricket’ said to separate her from the program. This program is broadcasted in Boishakhi television at 1.30 PM everyday. Nadira Nasim Chaity started her career with anchoring the program ‘ Shuveccha” of Abdun-nur- Tushar. Whole day people were seen to search ‘ Download Chaity scandal’ in internet. Some people said that the video is still not very available in internet. Source: Bangladesh Pratidin, 30 March, 2011. Source: Bangladesh Pratidin, 30 March, 2011

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