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Angry Israel PM to take on Obama

WASHINGTON: US president Barack Obama opened White House talks with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday, as both men waged a public row over the shape of an elusive peace with the Palestinians. Netanyahu arrived at the White House with the two leaders embroiled in another spat, the latest to test their tense relationship, at a time of high significance as the Middle East is rocked by “Arab Spring Revolts.” The Israeli PM, on a trip which will see him embraced by Republicans opposed to the US leader’ s Israel policy, quarreled with the suggested parameters of peace deal laid out by Obama on Thursday. Obama said that territorial lines in place before the 1967 Arab- Israeli war combined with land- swaps should be the basis for talks on a peace deal with the Palestinians. Netanyahu has long opposed such a formulation, and his office issued a blunt statement saying such a scheme would leave it “indefensible” and would isolate major Israeli settlements in the West Bank. The prime minister arrived in Washington at dawn, with an aide saying his tough line was motivated by worries that Obama did not understand the threats Israel faces as popular revolts sweep the region.
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