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Suraj Pancholi – like father, like son?

Cineswami feels columnist Shobhaa De’s remark on Suraj and his father Aditya Pancholi in connection with the Jiah Khan suicide might just be true

They say that apples don’t fall far from the tree and if Suraj Pancholi is indeed found guilty of misdemeanour it just proves that he has his father’s genes. For Aditya Pancholi, controversy is his handmaiden, or should we say maid? Gossip columnist Shobhaa De referred to the whole Suraj affair as ‘like father, like son’ and this just might be true. When Aditya was seeing Pooja Bedi, she accused him of statutory rape of her 15-year-old maid. Aditya’s turbulent extramarital relationship with Kangna Ranaut is also well known.

It’s not just his relationships that Aditya was in the news for. He has a history of violence. Not so long ago, he had an altercation with an airline crewmember when the pilot announced that they could not land in Goa due to bad weather. Separately, Aditya has also had an encounter with a traffic policeman and yet another with a building security guard. There are plenty more if you trawl the news archives.

Suraj, thus, has grown up watching his father’s infractions and that he’s gotten away scot-free every time. Being of a young and impressionable age, perhaps some of his father’s aggressive nature has rubbed off on him? As it is Suraj is innocent until proven guilty, it is not for us to judge him, there is a judiciary for that. It’s been known to work once in a while.

Meanwhile, all we can do is mourn the unfortunate and untimely death of a young woman and send our thoughts and prayers to Jiah Khan’s mother Rabia Amin aka Rabiya Khan and the rest of her family.

Meanwhile, here is a rare clip of a feisty Rabia from N Chandra’s superhit 1986 movie Ankush:
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