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Shabana Azmi has Ggrave issue with Kareena Kapoor’s Fevicol se!

Shabana Azmi has forever been vocal concerning her opinions. She ne'er shied removed from swing her purpose across and she or he continues to stay up with this exalting quality. At a recent give-and-take on the occasion of International Women’s Day, she created a remark concerning item numbers in film industry. And it issues one amongst Kareena Kapoor‘s prized on screen look – Fevicol se from Dabangg two.
While talking concerning the lyrics of the song, Azmi said, “I have reservations against item numbers. That’s as a result of i feel if a high most heroine is singing i'm tandoori murgi, swallow Maine down with alcohol, it’s not a riant matter. It’s a significant issue. One person wrote the song, a number of additional got it created however it absolutely was watched by crores of individuals. They additionally saw their 6-year recent children singing and saltation thereon. Don’t you've got a responsibility? It’s not fun.”

The role player appeared pretty incensed by the usage of such quite words in Hindi songs. She even explains why actresses shouldn’t bed simply to flaunt their physical attraction. “There could be a thinking, why can’t we tend to celebrate our physical attraction. Of course, there's nothing wrong thereupon. however square measure you celebrating sensuality? No. you're commodifying yourselves, objectifying yourselves. That’s as a result of it all depends on however the camera is capturing you!”

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